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Hanneke van Onna | Financiele vrijheid |The money issue

A lifetime of money issues

After 20 years of hard work in business as a marketing strategist and brand builder, I took the leap in 2018 to really start for myself.

I had my own company before, but it went bankrupt. There was a divorce that ended in litigation and I lost my job two years later. I lived with my children as a student. With borrowed stuff in a flat. We got by on 10 euros a day. The contrast was great with the extremely rich life I had before.

I've lived it: poverty and wealth. Both made me intensely unhappy. This could be done differently. This had to be different.

In recent years I have worked hard to clean up my schizophrenic relationship with money. To take back control of my financial world and to bear responsibility for my own wallet. Now I am financially independent and free. I wish everyone that feeling of peace and tranquility.

Now I help people and companies with the subject that has dominated my life: money. By reading thousands of self-help books, Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass in New York, years of experience in business and business coaching on the job, I have become an expert. I've written a book about it. The book is going to help you find your way to financial independence and live the life of your deepest desires and biggest dreams. 

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The Bitcoin Booklet

This important Bitcoin Booklet (2021) is an introduction to the financial revolution that began in 2009 - the year in which an anonymous coder calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, born of the belief that old monetary systems have let us down , this digital currency promises a more reliable, decentralized and democratic alternative.


Few people can explain this better than Hanneke van Onna,

entrepreneur, money coach to financial freedom and seasoned Bitcoin investor and fan.


Who is The Bitcoin Booklet for?
• Investors looking for new opportunities
• Critics of the banking system
• Technophobes and financial laymen who wonder where all that is

Bitcoin stuff is about?
• Anyone (especially young people, schools, agencies) who would like to learn about how money works in general and Bitcoin specifically, in this current society and time.

Hanneke van Onna | Financiele vrijheid | Financiele onafhankelijkheid

"Only 48% of Dutch women can stand on their own two feet"
Ingrid van Engelshoven | Minister of Education, Culture and Science

Financial independence for women is important.

It is a high agenda item in politics. Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science tells Pauw (4 April 2018) that only 48% of Dutch women can stand on their own two feet. More than half cannot. We are well behind the rest of Europe in this respect. These are the numbers. The painful reality. I know I'm not alone with my story. That is why I wanted to write this book. To give support   if you are struggling financially, for recognition that you are not alone and ultimately for awareness of your own abilities and possibilities. That you too can be financially free! Let's earn what we deserve together. Share your story on Instagram with #themoneyissuenl or follow @themoneyissuenl for inspiration, support and positive energy. Make yourself heard, give a voice to your sound.

Looking forward to meeting you, physically upThe Money Issue eventsor online on Insta!

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