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You can book Hanneke as:

Online & offline
The Self-made Summit October 8, 2020

Master classes
Online series Think & Grow Rich ,
A cup of Ambition, October 2020

Chairman of the day
Women & Money
The Self-made Summit October 8, 2020

Hanneke van Onna | Financiele vrijheid | Financiele onafhankelijkheid
Hanneke van Onna | Financiele vrijheid | Financiele onafhankelijkheid

Hanneke van Onna is an entrepreneur and expert in the field of Women and Money. She helps both companies and individuals with the subject that has dominated her life for a long time: money. Not a strange cake for Hanneke, since she herself once had a schizophrenic relationship with money. She came face to face with bankruptcy and a costly divorce. When she subsequently lost her job, she lived on the poverty line for a period of time. These personal and business experiences combined with her determination to help others along their path are the keys to her success. She has a deep-seated drive to help others achieve their goals.

Money has ruled her life, now she helps others by raising awareness about the importance of financial independence for women. With a background as a brand builder and marketing strategist, she is a business and money mentor for companies and entrepreneurs and she has an instagrammable meeting location in Amsterdam.



She talks about

Hanneke speaks about Women and Money in general or about specific money topics such as Money Shame, Shopping Addiction or Crazy Money Habits

She does this with a typical mix of business expertise, psychological depth and spiritual awareness.


Hanneke strives for as many financially independent women as possible and makes an impact on a large scale. Based on her own experiences, she wrote the book ''The Money Issue''. The figures are shocking, more than half of Dutch women cannot stand on their own two feet. Compared to the rest of Europe, the Netherlands also scores particularly low.

You can book Hanneke as a speaker for your workshop or event. She sheds light on the subject of money in her own way. How worries about money can take hold of you and grab you by the throat. About which blocks and excuses stand in the way of our earning capacity. How we trap ourselves in a repetitive cycle of worry, stress and money hassles. How we can transcend these worries and finally earn what we really deserve.

Hanneke van onna als spreker

"If you think you're not enough,
are you afraid you don't have enough"


Hanneke is an experienced speaker and has worked for  DWDD, Children for Children, Tina & Donald Duck. She did assignments for, for example, the EO, AVROTROS and the Ondernemer. She is a role model for the Young Lady Business Academy of Elske Doets, where she annually speaks to more than 200 young girls about the importance of financial awareness and independence. This year she gave more than 50 Money Masterclasses via Zoom, for groups of 2 - 100 people. As chairman of the day, she was seen at The Self-made Summit 2020.


The rate for a keynote is between 1500 - 3000 euros excluding VAT, including travel costs per assignment. The exact price depends on the commitment, duration and additional wishes. For educational institutions the price is lower. 

The rate for a 30/45 minute book presentation of her book ''The Money Issue'' is 750,-. The exact price depends on the commitment, duration and additional wishes.

a cup of ambition

Hanneke is represented by, among others

speaker agency:

A Cup of Ambition

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