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Hanneke van Onna | Financiele vrijheid | Money coach

Give yourself the chance to once and for all deal with the pattern that has been running in your family for years.

And sabotaging your bank account...

Write your own money script!

For a richer life for you and your children


Money is stressor #1 for most people.

Worrying and arguing over money leads to more sleepless nights, stomachaches and bickering than anything else!

But what if it doesn't have to be?

What if money was here to serve you - not to get in your way?

If money can be your best friend in anxious days and wants you to succeed in the things that matter to you.

That's how I see money now. But most of my life I saw money as an obstacle.

10 years ago I started to change my schizophrenic relationship with money. Because I could earn money like water, and also spend like water. None of my money spent was sustainable. Then I started helping others to make the same transformation.

Hannke van Onna Money Coach, van overleven naar leven

This transformation has enabled me to:

  • Generate multiple sources of income without working for it

  • To have investments that will make my old age carefree

  • Seeing financial challenges in a new, more appropriate and powerful perspective

  • Making a mind & life switch to making money work for you instead of plodding. 

  • Help others to do the same!

From survival to life

I changed my relationship with money by looking at the examples I was given in my life. At my parents' house, at school, with friends and girlfriends. What I learned from that, what sabotaged my bank account and started living as reality.

Because the key to wealth is not so much what you do or don't do with your money, but how you FEEL about money. 

And you learn that in your early childhood.

Usually unconsciously.

Hannke van onna Geld coach, overleven of leven

Eckhart Tolle: "Change the inside and the outside will fall into place"

This realization alone can make for onemega shift in your wallet.

And that's why I've created a super accessible course that helps to deepen these blockages, become aware and turn them into a positive, fruitful feeling about money and your finances.



is a mini course that helps people to break out of destructive financial patterns that have been causing stress, struggles for years and never add up to more.  

My processes and exercises are created to help you:

  • Earn more money with your business or work

  • Align your finances with your life priorities

  • To solve old money patterns of self-sabotage and worry for you generations to come

  • Feel valuable and powerful with money

  • Seeing money through new glasses. With fewer worries and more options.

This is my work in the world. And it has much less to do with money than you might imagine.

Because money is not the most important thing in the world. By far NOT.

But it touches our lives every day more than we would like.

Your family. Your house. Your health. Your relationship. Your time. Your choices.


Once I lived a life with three small children in a flat with borrowed things. The money was gone and I was terrified to end up on the street with the children. That was my rock bottom.

Now, 8 years later I am financially free. Which means so much that I can live on passive incomeand I am no longer dependent on income from work.


I wrote several books and am working on my 3rd book,Money secret, which will be released in the autumn of 2022 by publisher Kluitman/Pepperbooks.

I own several companies, am a speaker and have helped hundreds of people on their way to financial independence and freedom.

financiele vrijheid | money coach | hanneke van onna

Available for49 eurosincluding vat 

hannekevanonna money coach financiele vrijheid

The content on this page and the online program is not financial advice. Hanneke  van Onna does not sell financial products and does not provide financial advice. She is a money coach and an experience expert who simply shares what has worked for herself and many others.

© 2022 Hanneke van Onna - All rights reserved

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