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The Bitcoin Book - Hanneke van Onna

The Bitcoin Book - Hanneke van Onna

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This important Bitcoin Booklet (2021) is an introduction to the financial revolution that started in 2009 - the year in which an anonymous coder calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, born of the belief that old monetary systems have let us down , this digital currency promises a more reliable, decentralized and democratic alternative.


Few people can explain this better than Hanneke van Onna, entrepreneur, money coach to financial freedom and seasoned Bitcoin investor and fan.


Who is The Bitcoin Booklet for?
• Investors looking for new opportunities
• Critics of the banking system
• Technophobes and financial laymen wondering where all that

Bitcoin stuff is about?
• Everyone (and especially young people, schools, agencies) who would like to learn about how money works in general and Bitcoin specifically, in this current society and time .



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